What people say….


What people say….

Dr. Keneisha Alford

“Working with Dr. Keneisha Alford is a collaborative team-based experience offered to districts. The insight is designed to help students reach their academic goals and achieve better success within their school environments, enabling more positive outcomes and academic success. The opportunity is one that allows educators to see beyond their own potential and elevate students to a higher level.”

Dr. Orletta Rush
Deputy Superintendent

Jefferson County Schools
Birmingham, Alabama

“Dr. Keneisha Alford has been an amazing support and thought partner for me as I prepare staff for in person learning. Her expertise in curriculum and instruction grounded in educational equity for all students, has ensured that my most marginalized students have access to grade level standards and high quality instruction. Dr. Alford has proven to be a great asset to my development as a transformational leader committed to liberty and justice for all students.”

Dr. Anita Walls
Director of Schools, The Achievement Network
Baltimore, MD

“Dr. Alford is an exuberant leader. She possesses both outstanding experience and knowledge of  “cultivating” best practices in teaching and learning. I have witnessed Dr. Alford as an opportunity giver and continues to serve as a mentor for individuals which exceeds beyond the classroom.”

LaShaunta Matthews
Early Learning Curriculum
Lead Teacher
Birmingham City Schools

“Dr. Alford, has propelled John Hopkins Middle School forward academically over the past three years. She has been a mentor, a think partner, and a professional friend to me personally as she has helped me transform into a more intentional and strategic instructional leader at my school. Dr. Alford’s feedback to our teachers regarding their instructional practice and strategies that could easily be implemented to provide higher levels of standards-based instruction and student engagement has been a great asset to our school. Her guidance and mentorship of my assistant principals and me have helped us begin to observe the needed look-fors during classroom walkthroughs and ask the correct questions to teachers that will move the instructional needle to help move students towards standards proficiency and mastery.”

Carlmon Jones
John Hopkins Middle School

“Dr. Alford has a wealth of educational experience and an advanced knowledge of instructional standards, curriculum, and data. She leverages this knowledge daily to coach school leaders to grow in their practice and make instructional moves that will enact change. This includes, but is not limited to, building leaders’ capacity to understand standards and data, leading planning and data meetings with school teams, and supporting strategic planning and priority setting.”


Allison Graybeal
Director of School Support
Achievement Network, Memphis, TN

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