Dr. Keneisha Alford

Instructional Leadership Practices

Distributing Leadership

Watch how a school leader shares his instructional vision for developing effective leadership teams.

Observation & Feedback: Six Steps to Effective Feedback

In this video, the school leader leverages six steps of effective feedback to show the teacher how to raise the rigor of her questioning. Watch how Julie gets Carly to do the thinking and to practice on the spot.

The Many Faces of Leadership

Today more than ever, effective schools need to cultivate teacher leadership. Principals must meet multiple demands from many sources; they cannot be expected to be experts in all subject areas; and their tenure in a given school is often shorter than that of teachers. As novice teachers gain experience, they often develop the urge to extend their influence beyond their classrooms to their schools and the wider profession. Danielson reviews the wide range of leadership opportunities that are available to potential teacher leaders. She points out that the school administrator has an important role to play in creating a school culture that is hospitable to the emergence of teacher leadership.

What “Lead by Example” Means for Students of Color

Reference HERE for documentation

Equity Literacy Definitions

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When you hear the word “equity” in education, we tend to think of “fairness”. The Equity Literacy Institute developed definitions that address five critical abilities I believe that professional educators should focus on to understand student access to equitable opportunities for learning.

Equity 101: Starting the Equity Conversation

What do you mean or think of when you use or hear the word EQUITY? Listen to this webinar and explore resources to learn more from the National Equity Project. View the slides and resources HERE .

Focal Students: Equity in the Classroom Webinar

Equity in practice begins with the LEARNERS. The National Equity Project pushes educators to think about how their identity may impact relationships with students.

Language Demands and Opportunities in Relation to Next Generation Science Standards for English Language Learners: What Teachers Need to Know

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8 Characteristics of an Equitable Math Classroom

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Rethinking Intervention with Sandra Alberti, Student Achievement Partners

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ELA Lessons for Teachers

Persuasion Across Time and Space

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