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“The Intersection between Instruction and Equity” by Dr. Keneisha Alford

With an emphasis happening on instructional outcomes including (grade level curriculum, strategic supports, and equitable instruction) for students during this pandemic, I want to share with you a few next steps to enhance the student experience this year and beyond!!

What do you believe is the intersection between instruction and equity?

I believe the intersection between instruction and equity are the outcomes we want for students by disrupting inequities. These outcomes are achieved by reimagining learning experiences where content knowledge will be equally valued for every student. I believe that there is collective power as a system or school leader to cultivate what it means to “close the gap.” 

Do I believe this is a highly relevant understanding that needs to happen as a school leader?  YES!

The video highlights four areas:

  1. Identifying what are the gaps you want to close for students 
  2. Narrow the focus and select an instructional focus or priority that is aligned to the student inequity (The inequity is the gap you would like to close for students based on data.) 
  3. Developing a Professional Learning Sequence to support teachers during instructional planning to understand, diagnose, and take action in providing equitable instruction (A sample PLC sequence plan can be found under the Resources tab or by clicking here.) 

If you are looking for resources to support your role and your leadership team in cultivating equity work daily, visit this website…HERE

Here is my “lead-o-logy” chat for this season’s leadership series … check it out…

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