When I became a mom, my views as an educator changed in so many ways! I began to think aboutequity” differently before I was exposed to the research, Equity is more than just a word! 

What does this mean to me? One perspective that unfolds is the removal of any implicit biases adults may have related to how students learn along with a mindset of creating and sustaining a positive learning culture. As you can see, it certainly reaches farther than the phrase “meeting students where they are”… we hear this so very often. The idea here is, how can we focus on the whole child approach that grounds in engaging, coherent student learning experiences? 

Three habits or practices come to mind:

  1. The students on individual teacher class rolls are not the only ones that belong to that teacher, EVERY student in the building is the responsibility of ALL adults.
  2. Leaders and teachers’ practices to build community and a positive school culture should be the norm and not a trend.
  3. A promising practice for school leaders is to prioritize learning the culture of students and make equitable as well as culturally relevant instructional practices visible within your schools and district.

“Knowing your purpose, helps you to navigate your WHY!” or

“Knowing your WHY, helps you to navigate your HOW!”

– Dr. Keneisha Alford

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