The authors of the book, Five Practices for Equity-Focused School Leadership (ASCD, 2021), mentions that “equity work is messy and uncomfortable”. Equity identified as instructional leadership is not a trend but an opportunity to consider current practices and alternatives to address the instructional state of teaching and learning. So, yes, this can be messy and uncomfortable, but when things are messy, we develop a plan for “change”. 

Leaders’ understanding of an approach is essential to ensure that all students have access to a challenging curriculum, taught by skilled and effective teachers who differentiate instruction; monitor instruction and make the needed accommodations. 

When teachers get to explore consistent planning practices and conversations with data points, then they are able to see themselves as a “change agent” and are able to tell the story of the students. 

What are some supports you have in place to achieve access and equity in your school building or school district? 

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